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Name:Gabriel Atticus George
Birthdate:Nov 13
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York

Gabriel is the oldest son of Lyall and Gabriella George, and he was closely followed just twelve months later by his brother, Rhett. Gabriel was named after his mother and also, with her love of classic literature, one of her favourite character from To Kill a Mockingbird (with Rhett named after the infamous Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind). Gabriella is a Professor in English Literature at New York University and Lyall a Veterinarian with his own practice in Chicago. The couple divorced when their sons moved out of home and into a place together once Gabriel started college, and discovered the only thing really keeping their marriage together were the boys. They parted amicably and remain friends, with Gabriella now remarried to a Graphic Designer and Lyall living with his gay lover upon realising he was bisexual after his marriage dissolved. Both Gabe and Rhett have good relationships with their parents, and like their new partners, with neither guy being overly affected when their dad 'came out' because they were both gay themselves.

Gabe and Rhett were always similar with similar tastes growing up, which was why they were close, despite typical brotherly spats any siblings could have. Both enjoyed fashion and shopping, but Gabe was the more academic and quiet of the two and Rhett more creative and extroverted. Because of Gabe's shyness growing up, he was bullied right through school and it only got worse when he ultimately came out when he was 16 because he didn't want to hide who he was. Rhett tried to protect him and stick up for him, often ending up picking fights with Gabe's bullies until it made their mom cry one day that she was worried they could get seriously hurt one day and not just a few cuts and bruises from a bit of a tumble at school with the aggressors.

Her worst fears came true when the family was on a summer holiday at Lake Michigan. Rhett, typically the more promiscuous of the brothers, was off getting himself laid by a campfire, the result of a summer fling, and Gabe was left to entertain himself. He went to an arcade for a little while, but got bored and decided to head back to the cabin. On the walk home, he was approached by a gang of thugs more than intent on trying to beat the gay out of him. He was bashed within an inch of his life and left for dead on the side of the road. It was lucky that a local fisherman passed on his way home from a twilight catch saw Gabe lying there and called the paramedics. The hospital notified Gabe's family, and it was the start of a long and hard hurdle for the entire family.

Gabe physically recovered, but was subsequently diagnosed with clinical depression, something he was believed to have probably through his teen years but only came out more severely after the bashing. It was so bad he began to have suicidal thoughts, and his parents got him begin seeing a wonderful therapist who prescribed antidepressant. With the help of medication and extensive therapy, Gabe got back on his feet but Rhett always blamed himself for what happened, despite Gabe assuring him it wasn't his fault. The brothers became closer from the ordeal, and to this day, Gabe remains on the medication to keep his illness stabilised.

It was the trauma that led to his decision to do Psychology at college when in the past he always dabbled with the idea of becoming a Vet like his father. He graduated with a Masters in Psychology from New York University and has just began a new job as a Clinical Psychologist with Mount Sinai Hospital. But it's not his only talent. He also took up boxing after his attack as a form of self-defence and enjoys horse riding, owning a horse that is kept at a stable in Westchester. Throughout college, Gabe also worked part time as a fashion model for designer label, Ambrosiere, when he was spotted by the designer herself, Rian Ambrose when Gabe was shopping on Fifth Avenue one day with Rhett and his then boyfriend, Austin Shaw. Rian overheard Austin loudly and proudly righting the fashion world and knew he had a flare for it. She struck up a conversation with him without the guy knowing who she was, and at the same time complimented Rhett on his entire outfit, and told Gabe he had 'a perfect look'. He didn't know what that was until she gave Austin her card and told him to give her a call. Austin did, and it was how Gabe ended up modelling for her label, and Austin landing a prized internship working with Rian as a mentor. With Rhett having a passion for fashion, it was what helped him realise he had something, and ended up starting his own Stylist business from the ground, and was soon hot property.

The George brothers soon got themselves quite a name as two of the most eligible gay bachelors in the NYC fashion world, but no one ever seemed to be able to pluck them off the market. Though it was always inevitable that sooner or later, the right guys would turn the brothers' heads and both may about to be unceremoniously "plucked" at the same time.

Gabriel is an original character for RP musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. His bio and backstory were written by his creator. His PB is Thore Schölermann, who belongs to himself. No infringement intended.

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